Tour, visit and route planning

rexx CRM supports your employees in the field with automatic suggestions, taking geographic data and visit/target specifications into consideration during visit and tour planning.

The most appropriate visitor is determined by means of efficient and flexible selection, e.g. taking the given visit frequency, date of the last visit, target group, client class, and of course the geographic aspect into account. Good suggestions mean targeted selections and tours.

The rexx drag-and-drop calendar allows for direct access to the client database from the calendar to select people and schedule visits. This allows for chronological planning in the day, week, month or year view. The intuitive drag-and-drop function can be used to easily move appointments to other dates or times.

Documented visits from the visit report can also be displayed in the calendar, and the digital client file featuring all data and results can be viewed at all times. The tours planned and all information required about the client can be printed out using the convenient print function.

In addition to visit planning and documentation, rexx CRM naturally also supports the documentation of holidays, training, events, illnesses, and manual and private entries. This is all documented in the database and calendar!

Interfaces to route planners support the tour planning process and help in the geographic orientation.