Pharmaceutical CRM

What’s it all about? You would like to serve doctors, clinics and pharmacies to the best of their potential. You would like to nurture business relationships with contacts and networking and spend your time and effort effectively - where you can see a clear return on investment.

The data comes first…

CRM in the pharmaceutical field requires a top quality database, so you can analyze customer behaviour and manage customer communication. rexxact CRM brings the data together in a digital customer filing system – including all communication by post, email, telephone, mail shots, Internet etc. It enables you to integrate your marketing, product management, the medical knowledge and, of course, your sales force.

... then the success!

The rexxact CRM pharma CRM ensures the best possible service to your doctors, pharmacies and other contact people. It also provides you with insights to increase the efficiency of your sales activities.

Solid data available at all customer interfaces forms the basis of successful CRM in the pharmaceutical business. You can build your processes onto this, and the integrated workflow engine then controls and supervises the customer processes – to guarantee successful CRM.

Swift introduction – high flexibility

rexxact CRM pharma professional is a CRM program that is specially configured for the pharmaceutical industry, containing specific data structures, processes and workflows for all target groups: APIs, specialists, clinics, pharmacies, OTC, direct sales etc. With it, the introduction time is drastically reduced and you quickly achieve concrete results.

You can achieve flexible assimilation of new demands on CRM with the rexxact CRM micro-module architecture. But technology isn’t everything!

Man and technology

This is where our project managers, who are experienced in the pharmaceutical field, support you in the fine tuning and customization of your CRM throughout the contract period.



ETMS "Electronic Territory Management System"

rexx CRM offers access to a sophisticated territory management system - so, no matter whether you use standard hierarchical structures, parallel lines, overlapping areas or key account managers in your sales force, it's absolutely no problem!

Within the ETMS you can specify territory structures not just by geographical systems but also by criteria such as customer type, subject area or others.