Implementation of an electronical job portal

Implementation of an
electronical job portal

Schwarz Pharma decides in favour of rexx-Suite
made by rexx systems.

Schwarz Pharma AG is a German pharmaceutical company doing much of its business internationally. With regard to the application management in Germany, the seperate companies Schwarz Pharma AG, Schwarz Pharma Deutschland GmbH, Biosciences GmbH and Schwarz Pharma Operations & Produktions GmbH act independently from each other. It’s the same with the subsidiary Hoyer Madaus and the subsidiary companies, e.g. in France, Italy, Poland and of course in the US as well as Asia.

Mr. Stefan Pruin, recruiter for SCHWARZ BioSciences GmbH:" As a research company we are dependent on filtering the most interesting candidates out of a huge amount of incoming data. Also, international applications are processed quickly and competently by our specialists, especially relating to communication with our heads of department. Therefore, for us rexx recruitment became an essential tool."

From the beginning it was clear that on the one hand, each Schwarz Pharma subsidiary will operate with its own data management, but on the other hand, the job offers have to be presented in a common job portal. The applicant pool built up by the portal should of course allow exchanging the applicants between the single systems.

A professional solution was expected that is unsurpassed at managing the large amount of data, and at the same time optimizes the processes. Therefore, the requirements were to perform individual customization and to participate in further technical development. Highly flexible standard software was expected – as offered by rexx recruitment.

After an unproblematic implementation of the system, the first successes were realized after a short period of time. It was essential for Schwarz Pharma that the amount of online applications would increase considerably as a percentage of all applicants. This implies potential saving from eliminating applicant data acquisition, and by communication with the applicants via rexx recruitment standard'email module.The rexx recruitment workflow engine controls the processes automatically. The virtual HR-office within the job portal contributes to building up the pool of interested applicants and reduces the number of typical questions about their status from applicants, who can follow the course of their applications via the job portal.

Meanwhile the average percentage of online applications for all job profiles has risen to 50% to 60% and is still increasing; the same is true for correspondence via rexx recruitment mail. Some job offers, e.g. in the field of IT, achieve incoming rates of about 90% in online form. This is particularly due to the unique comfort features of the rexx recruitment job portal, that allow those interested to apply online in a simple and convenient way.

We can come to the following conclusion - that despite the increasing number of applications, the process times are markedly shortened. This is valid for the average time until the first contact, until the interview, until and the recruitment or refusal. The users receive this data automatically via the rexx recruitment statistic module.

7. August 2015

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Implementation of an electronical job portal

Implementation of an electronical job portal

Implementation of an electronical job portal

Implementation of an electronical job portal