Software for HR and CRM in international deployment

Pharmexx is among the leading service providers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The holding company’s headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany. Pharmexx is active in 25 countries with over 5,000 employees worldwide.

Pharmexx’s main focus is on providing creative marketing and sales solutions, which are offered as a full service. Among these is, for example, the filling of clients’ vacancies, from recruiting to the contract, on through to providing and controlling complete field service teams as well as sales teams.

CRM and field services management

Since 2001, Pharmexx has been relying on the rexx systems CRM software. rexx CRM is deployed internationally for the management and supervision of field service teams. Of course rexx is also available in the relevant national language: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

The pharma consultants are deployed in varying projects for different pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. It is therefore an important prerequisite in the selection of the CRM software that it be user-friendly and easy to learn. Equally important is of course the flexibility of the application: each Pharmexx client has different requirements – including national particularities such as varying regulations on sample distribution, different regional schemata for turnover data or country-specific structures for addressees.

International recruiting

Also in the Human Resources area, Pharmex relies on the tried-and-tested, web-based solutions by rexx systems. All of the corporation’s countries work with rexx Enterprise Recruitment when it comes to the recruitment of personnel that is so critical to business success. The Pharmexx business model is based on providing clients with interesting candidates who match their highly-specialised requirement profiles in the shortest time possible. The applicant pool of high-capacity matching functions is therefore one of rexx software’s important bonus points. Equally important is the easy integration of external customers into the application process, e.g. through automated forwarding of processed application materials or the organisation and evaluation of conducted applicant interviews together with the client.

rexx for international business development

In a central installation for the entire holding company, rexx CRM is additionally used for international and national business development and key account management. The ever-increasing internationalisation of the pharmaceutical industry requires global and centrally-controlled support for international customers. Here, the highly customisable rights management controls which users have access to information classified to varying degrees. For example, national business developers only have access to nationally relevant customer information and acquisition processes, while internationally active business developers can access national data, too, in order to obtain a complete customer profile.

7. August 2015

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Software for HR and CRM in international deployment

Pharmexx uses rexx Software for Business Development, Recruitment, Personnel Management and CRM for the Field Service

Software for HR and CRM in international deployment

Pharmexx uses rexx Software for Business Development, Recruitment, Personnel Management and CRM for the Field Service